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Advance is the leading Bodyshop Management system from PINETREE® providing bodyshop owners with intuitive tools and unparalleled management information to maximise efficiency of bodyshop operations.

Advance is designed for bodyshops who want to improve their agility and efficiency, and build powerful insight into their business processes by bringing visibility and control of repairs and bodyshop operations into one core system.

Advance seamlessly manages the entire claim and repair process from the initial notification through to final invoice and customer satisfaction measurement, using leading-edge functionality for workshop loading, proactive repair management, performance reporting and financial accounting – and creating a seamless link between production and administration to help power your bodyshop performance.

Advance provides bodyshop managers with both the tools and management information to:

  • Maximise bodyshop productivity and reduce key to key times through improved transparency and control of capacity and proactive repair progress management modules
  • Deliver time savings and reducing administrative costs by seamlessly automating manual processes from workshop loading and resourcing planning to courtesy car management and invoicing
  • Improve connectivity and communication through two-way communication capability across your business and third party systems
  • Improve customer service and profitability through unparalleled management information and flexible KPI reporting tools: from FNOL to CSI

The Advance bodyshop management system has provided measurable benefits for many bodyshops across the UK. But don't take our word for it, take a look at what our clients say.


Key Features of Advance Bodyshop Management

Claims management and Work provider integration

Advance manages the entire claim process from the initial notification, using secure communications notifications can be deployed directly from the work provider as well as repair update information being feed back to the work provider without any intervention from administration staff.

For multi site operators it is possible to manage all claims from a central location, controlling deployment to the group.  The visibility of live progress information feeds customer service teams with the information they need to efficiently assist with all enquiries between parties in the claims process.

All Advance modules have full communications capability and can be configured to send messages manually or automatically to customers, work providers and engineers at any point via SMS, email or the internet direct from the Advance system – proven to reduce calls and support improved customer care for the policyholder and work providers.

Booking diary and capacity planning

Booking diary and capacity planning

The Advance booking diary gives a complete visibility of bookings and bodyshop resources laid out within a simple day-diary format to support your bodyshop planning. The booking diary provides a clear view of your available resources on any given day allowing you to proactively manage your bookings against resources available on any given day to maximise utilisation.

In addition, full courtesy car management includes a comprehensive fleet availability schedule.

Supplier integration

Advance estimating has comprehensive links to all of the major estimating packages including Audatex, Inter-Est and GT Motive. All estimates, including Audatex, are converted into your own self-defined work stages, so you can separate strip and rebuild, deciding whether you want to split paint into prep, paint and polish – you are in full control.

Advance comes with a complete purchasing and stock control system offering total control of parts, stock items, consumables and third party services (sub-contract). As well as full electronic parts ordering capabilities with any connected suppliers.
Advance also integrates with all leading paint manufacturer paint scales to provide transparency of paint usage and assurance that correct schemes are used for all repairs to support charge-out.

Once the repair process has been completed and invocies raised these too can be exported seamlessly into your accounting software with export capability to Sage, Xero, Opera as well as our own generic export format for various other suppliers.

Resource and Workshop Management

Through its seamless link between production and administration, Advance gives instant visibility of job stage status and operative activity.
Captured from Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) terminals or the Advance Wingman app, the electronic 'Stage Loading' system enables administration to manage repair capacity and activity with one click, while colour-coded highlights provide feedback to operatives helping them to adhere to stage schedules.

When Stage Loading is displayed on workshop screens in combination with the Wingman application it is possible to have a 'real' paperless solution. Exceptions found on the shop floor can be notified directly through the Wingman App, for example, if a technician is stripping a vehicle and realises there is more damage than initially estimated, he can flag this directly via the mobile app and Advance will instantly alert the estimator – this happens without anyone leaving their work station or having to physically check the status.

Resource and Workshop Management

Management Information and Reporting

Advance gives you unparalleled levels of visibility and control through it’s real time management information (MI) and reporting suite designed to empower your decision making to ultimately improve efficiency and profitability.

Powerful and flexible configuration reporting gives you a real time view of business health including; throughput, profitability, labour, parts, paint and materials, work in progress, cycle time, service level, claim status, supplier performance and employee efficiency and much more.

Reports can be viewed at any time and automatically emailed at user defined intervals removing the need for manual intervention; giving you more time to focus on your business.

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