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Activeweb is the leading internet-based claims management and connectivity platform providing seamless integration of all stakeholders throughout the complete claim and repair process. Activeweb links together disparate IT systems used within the motor claims industry in order to facilitate two way communication and data exchange between the various interested parties to deliver service level improvement and cost reduction throughout the motor claim process; from FNOL to CSI.

Activeweb is easily configured to meet the specific requirments of individual stakeholders and has a wide range of industry leading features used by over 1200 users in the UK.

  • Maximise repairer network performance through proactive SLA management tools and powerful online MI reporting ActiveWeb enables you to analyse your network from any location. You can view anything from a general business overview through to detailed Cycle Time analysis, CSI results, network capacity and much more
  • Deliver time savings and reducing administrative costs through its unprecedented range of links, ActiveWeb can automate manual processes from FNOL capture and claim deployment to Customer Satisfaction Reporting and performance reporting
  • Improve connectivity and communication. We have the UK’s most numerous and comprehensive range of connections to bodyshop management systems, major insurers, accident management companies, replacement vehicle companies, solicitors, recovery agents, parts suppliers and estimating systems and the list keeps on growing. 
  • Improve policyholder experience With the entire claim and repair information readily available to your customer facing team, you can provide fast and accurate information on the first phone call to proactively manage the customer journey

From bodyshops to insurers, manufacturers to accident management, Activeweb can connect you direct to the information you need, when you need it.


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From Bodyshops to insurers, manufacturers to accident management, Activeweb can connect you to the information you need, when you need it.

Reporting: Activeweb reports are available to any connected device using a secure login, providing an instant business analysis.

Improve connectivity and communication: Activeweb connects to all current Bodyshop management packages, links to leading work providers, vehicle hire companies – bringing together secure stakeholder information.

Improve policyholder experience: Repair Status allows policy holders to view progress and electronically message repairers, providing an effective update and communication mechanism, reducing frictional activities.

Deliver time savings and reduce administrative costs: Through an unrivalled range of work provider integrations, Activeweb can automate manual processes such as work provider updates, enable electronic notifications and provide automated CSI.

Activeweb is our internet-based claims management platform, facilitating secure data exchange to all stakeholders, bringing solutions together, providing proactive service level tools and offering a wealth of flexible reporting.

Activeweb connects you to the information you need, when you need it.

Improve policyholder experience: Fast and accurate information available to your claim handlers provide policy holders with an efficient service when most needed, in addition an electronic portal is available to enable policy holders to view the status of their repair, and message the repairer via a portal.

Deliver time savings and reducing administrative costs: Electronic claim deployment improves FNOL accuracy and cycle time measurement. Our unique Hashtag activity updates provide a clear indication of exceptions, claim status is automatically updated via repairer management software.

Maximise repairer network performance: Proactive and transparent SLA management tools enable repairers to identify exceptions, increasing the opportunity to meet key to key targets and prompting claim handlers where exceptions occur.

Improve connectivity and communication: Activeweb connects to all current Bodyshop management packages, leading work providers, vehicle hire companies – securely communicating to permitted parties.

Key Features of Activeweb Claims Management

Electronic Notifications eFNOL

Activeweb provides full FNOL handling capabilities and will manage notification management and distribution to your repair network. Through Activeweb, electronic notifications can be sent directly to the repairer and automatically uploaded into the repairer system. This provides accuracy and removes the need to re-key, meaning the repairer can act on the claim faster.

Live claim progress visibility

The real power of Activeweb comes from having a complete, consolidated and standardised history available to all authorised parties. Through integration with bodyshop management systems Activeweb provides the claim handler access to full claim history available with data from all parties by simply entering the claim reference or registration.

With the entire claim and repair information available via Activeweb, the claims handler can immediately see everything that has been done so far: the repair progress, the planned completion date, and the details of the courtesy car or replacement vehicle – in real time!

Not only does this reduce unnecessary administrative time and cost for data collection, phone calls and emails, it also enhances customer experience. With the help of Activeweb the policyholder questions can be answered quickly and accurately, offering powerful benefits to the insurer

Live claim progress visibility

Hashtag activity updates

Activeweb has an agreed set of standard hashtags and this will trigger into Activeweb a set of standard activities – giving the WP consistent messaging and also allowing them to see any delays and their reasons (e.g. parts delayed, customer choice). This consistency in messaging helps with exception reporting and management – allowing a quick view of the flagged exception for the work provider.

Activeweb powers repair network performance reporting

Activeweb powers repair network performance reporting

Powerful network management
Through integration with the bodyshop management system Activeweb provides comprehensive KPI reporting allowing you to measure and analysis network performance proactively. The system provides comprehensive detail on SLA performance, Cycle Time and financial analysis. Activeweb's performance reporting provides an easy summary of repairer performance against various KPI metrics and provides a comprehensive summary report to allow effective network management.

SLA exception reporting
Measure and analyse SLA’s by exception across a whole range of milestones including assigning responsibility; letting people focus effort where required

Repair Status Portal

Repair Status Portal

Keep your customers up to date with the Activeweb Repair Status portal. Through the Repair Status portal the policyholder can view the live progress of their vehicle; the portal allows two way interaction between you and the customer to reduce incoming calls to you and the work provider and support customer care.

To ensure your policyholders have a consistent experience with your brand the Activeweb portal can be fully customised to your brand. Pinetree offers seamless white labelling for insurer, repairer and work provider clients ensuring your brand comes first

SMS and Email communications

Activeweb provides both SMS and templated email messaging functionality which enables work providers to proactively update the policyholder on key stages during the claims process. This can be bespoke or scripted text responses to ensure consistency. All information and exchanges are recorded within Activeweb, offering a consolidated history to support effective customer service.

Automated CSI

We know customer feedback is key. Pinetree can also support your customer satisfaction efforts; through the Activeweb CSI functionality you can see real time CSI responses come in helping you to analyse and deliver excellent customer service.

Own brand options

What’s more Activeweb can be fully own branded to ensure a consistent customer experience with your valued brand. Pinetree offers seamless white labelling for insurer, repairer and work provider clients ensuring your brand comes first.