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For multi-site bodyshop operations, we offer a unique solution: Advance Central. This is a powerful group management solution that gives you all the benefits of Advance with additional modules providing a single, centralised point of control for multiple sites.

Advance Central allows a remote head office to receive group reporting, centralise administrative functions and electronically handle and allocate claims within the group as well as recieving instant updates on each and every repair as it happens in the remote bodyshop.

Three key areas are covered by Advance Central:

  • Central claims management and deployment
    Central claims management allows for a multi-site operation to consolidate its claims handling into a single location. Your central claims handlers can have live feedback on the status and progress of repairs at all sites and can provide a central, cost-efficient point of contact for all progress reporting and customer contact.
    Advance Central also has the functionality to allocate claims across your bodyshop group based on postcode and other criteria such as capacity or repair type. This is a seamless and straightforward process, with Advance managing all the tasks in the background.
  • Multi-site management
    Consolidated Multi-site management allows you to control the administration of all your sites from a single central location.
    From work provider terms and conditions, right down to the design of your documents, from preferred suppliers to diary bookings – you simply set the rules in Advance Central and let it take care of updating all the other sites for you, making maintenance for multiple sites as easy as a single site.
    What’s more, updates made by individual sites will also be visible at a central level, ensuring your complete visibility of activity across your bodyshop group.
  • Central reporting and management information
    Advance’s central reporting functionality allows you to produce consolidated reports across your group and see how the entire business is performing at a glance.
    Advance also allows you to create performance league tables for any area of your business, which allows you to instantly focus on problem areas or identify best practice.