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Our core philosophy is to deliver software solutions that absorb the complexities of modern bodyshops and other stakeholders in the automotive repair industry to provide unparalleled information and control whilst remaining user friendly. We achieve this through an ongoing development programme which continually provides innovative solutions to the business challenges faced by our customers supported by a partnership approach to customer support.

Installation designed for you

We design our installations to meet your business needs simply and seamlessly. Prior to installation we will visit you to ensure that we have fully understood all of your requirements and have all the information we need to ensure our installation is as smooth as possible. Our aim is to make sure that we meet your business needs. We provide comprehensive installation and onsite training as standard and offer a range of backup services including additional training; delivered by our PINETREE® team of experts.

Our dedicated service desk offers immediate telephone support and can connect remotely to your site to swiftly address your needs. Our service support desk is complemented by our field-based team who provide on-site technical support alongside ongoing consultancy services to help you get the most from Advance and Activeweb. Pinetree have field-based application specialists within the team who install Pinetree products and offer additional ongoing support services.

Updates and ongoing development

Our development programme is driven by our customers. Our goal is to make sure that our customers have the most comprehensive claims and management systems to drive their business forward.

Pinetree are commited to constantly developing Advance and Activeweb solutions to meet the changing needs of our customers and the repair industry. We have regular meetings with customer groups to ensure we stay in touch with the issues facing our industry today. What we hear from these groups, and from our customers in general, drives a regular release program updating and enhancing our Pinetree systems. This ensures that the systems are continuously improving and evolving with your business.