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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Activeweb?

Activeweb is a powerful communications platform and internet based application suite that allows full, two way connectivity to all stakeholders throughout the entire claims process.

Is my data safe within Activeweb?

Data and information security are absolutely paramount to Pinetree. We regularly successfully complete independent insurance security and process audits.

Pinetree systems are routinely tested for penetration and vulnerability scanning – this is the key reason we are the first choice for direct links to the majority of the UK’s leading work providers.

Who uses Activeweb?

We have a wide range of users of the Activeweb system; Insurance Companies, Fleet Companies, Claims Handlers, Group owners, Policyholders, Recovery Companies, Salvage Agents, Solicitors, Rental Car Companies are just some of the stakeholders that are benefiting from Activeweb today.  The list of stakeholders who can benefit is continuing to grow. 

How does it help my claims handlers?

With the entire claim and repair information available to your claims handlers you can provide fast and accurate information on the first phone call. Activeweb gives you real time access to full activity history direct from the repairers management system – giving you the answers straight away significantly improving your customers experience with you.

What management systems does it link to?

Activeweb links to the majority of UK management systems. Activeweb has direct links to: Advance, Plan Manager, Autosoft, Bodynet, Voyager, Pinnacle as well as a number of legacy and custom systems including caps.

What about staff training?

Our Service Support Team is complemented by our field based team who provide on-site technical training during install to help you get the most from Advance and Activeweb products

What happens if I have a problem?

The Pinetree Service Team offer immediate telephone support and can connect to your system remotely to swiftly address your needs.

Direct from Advance you can also raise a ticket to the Pinetree Service Team which allows for quick identification of the issue for the Service Team allowing them to quickly respond and support.

How many repairers do you have connected to Activeweb?

We have just over 1400 repairers connected to Activeweb.

I want to know how easy it is to install Advance; I am worried about the disruption and loss of data. Can you reassure me it will be seamless?

Our team of highly skilled installers always conduct a site visit prior to software installation to ensure your requirements and your business needs are understood thoroughly. The software installation can then be completed alongside your existing system; and your processes configured into the Advance system

We also provide service desk assistance between the preinstall visit and agreed installation date to assist with set up staff, insurers, suppliers etc. We provide up to 5 days training as part of our standard install and follow up calls post installation

How long does it take to install?

Dependant on size, but an installation takes usually 2-3 working days. Usually the installation is completed before Day 1 and then from Day 1 we run comprehensive onsite training which can take 2-3 days.

Some of the features of Advance look great, but some are not relevant for me?

We discuss your requirements during our sales consultation to define your specific bodyshop profile, once our consultant and you have agreed the modules that are best for your business the installation will be completed to only show what is relevent to you.

Can Advance handle my invoicing?

Advance has all the tools to optimise your invoicing process, as seamless features ensure that your invoices are right first time, from checking applied rates and discounts through to recording authorisation values.

Advance can even check specific work provider rules and alert you to potential issues that might delay payment, or just as importantly, alert you where the job profitability is lower than expected. These issues can then be corrected before the invoice is raised to avoid extending the payment cycle. You are also able to produce up-front invoices for excess or inherited charges.

I’m a bodyshop group and need to streamline my administrative functions

The Advance Central package allows a remote head office location to receive comprehensive group reporting, to centralise admin functions and to electronically handle and allocate claims within the group

I’m a bodyshop which is part of a network and they tell me to use a different system? What can I do?

To our knowledge, no work provider mandates a bodyshop management system.