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Connecting the auto
repair industry

Innovative Claims Management System
connecting all stakeholders throughout
the entire claims process



Introduction to ActiveWeb

ActiveWeb is the leading internet based claims management and connectivity platform providing seamless integration of all stakeholders throughout the complete claim and repair process.

ActiveWeb facilitates two-way communication between any authorised parties at any point in the claim lifecycle, from FNOL to CSI. Authorised parties can include, but are not limited to:

  • Complete Repairer Networks
  • Claim Handlers
  • Engineers / Assessors
  • Insurance Companies
  • Policyholders / Vehicle Owners
  • Motor Manufacturers
  • Fleets / Fleet Management Companies
  • Recovery Companies
  • Vehicle Hire Companies
  • Legal Teams / Solicitors
  • Other Accident Management Companies

The richness and timeliness of the data that ActiveWeb provides allows the entire customer experience to be improved whilst at the same time reducing costs.


With live links to all parties and real-time progress information available online for your customers and work providers, ActiveWeb allows you to focus on your core business whilst meeting your target SLAs and offering an improved service to your customers.

With powerful on-line reporting tools, ActiveWeb enables you to analyse your business from any location that has an internet connection or even your smart phone. You can view everything from a general business overview through to a more detailed analysis of Trends, Cycle Time Analysis, CSI Results and Key Performance Indicators.

ActiveWeb allows information to be drilled into by site, manufacturer and work provider.

Repairer Groups

Get everything described above for each branch and then use the ActiveWeb group reporting to provide powerful benchmarking tools across your business. Drill into the information to find exceptions or trends, and compare your KPIs across your whole group in a single traffic light view.


Work Providers:

Identify network capacity, use online communications to update claim information between ActiveWeb and the repairer, automatically collect cycle time, average repair costs, network performance measures and even feedback direct from your customers. With its unprecedented range of links, let ActiveWeb connect your entire network and business partners to provide you with a seamless business solution, reducing manual input, progress chasing, general claims administration and most importantly reducing costs.

With the entire claim and repair information available to your claims handlers you can provide fast and accurate information on the first phone call, significantly improving your customers experience with you.

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